Theatrical Season

Between the sacred and the profane, Iberian music of the 16th-19th centuries


Sunday 24 April 2022 - 17:30

The Church of Saint Bartholomeo


Ignacio Ribas Taléns órgano

Antonio de Cabezón (Castrillo de Mota de judíos, Burgos,1510 – Madrid, 1666) Tiento sobre “la Salve”

Juan Bautista Cabanilles (Algemesí, 1644 – Valencia, 1712) Xácara

Vicente Rodríguez (Ontinyent, 1690 – Valencia, 1760) Cinco versos y una pastorela sobre el “Pange Lingua”

Antonio Soler (Olot, 1729- San Lorenzo del Escorial, 1783) Versos de “Regina Coeli”

Rafael Anglés(Ráfales, Teruel, 1730 – Valencia, 1816) Sonata nº 29 en sol mayor (Allegro)

Antonio Correa Braga (S. XVII – 1704) Batalla de 6º tono

The Iberian peninsula was extremely rich with composers, all excellent improvisors, whose works are the imprint of their living art, certainly not exercises for beginners in the art of organ playing.

Among the countless possible selections, six names have been chosen to represent a significant example of the evolutionary process of the Iberian organ styles, through a repertoire ranging from the 16th to the early 19th century.

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