Theatrical Season

La douleur

La douleur

Friday 16 June 2023 - 21:00

Teatro Cucinelli

Friday, 16 June, 9:00 PM

at Teatro Cucinelli, Solomeo 

by Marguerite Duras 

with Dominique Blanc

directed by Patrice Chéreau & Thierry Thieû Niang

supervision by Thierry Thieû Niang Dominique Blanc

Molière Award for Best Actress 2010

With the collaboration of the choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang, director and scriptwriter Patrice Chéreau selected one of the most loved actresses, the amazing Dominique Blanc, for one of the most profound works of post-war literature, La Douleur (War: A Memoir). Marguerite Duras experienced the war simultaneously as a partisan, as the wife of a deported husband, and as an author. Lucid, shocked, at times desperate, she kept a diary during those years of all that she saw and all that she experienced, of the people she met, or of those with whom she fought. Dominique Blanc, one of France’s most acclaimed actresses (including four César Awards and one Volpi Cup), resonates with the simplicity and intensity of the work of Duras, even in the moments of silence and of wordless expression.

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