Theatrical Season

Passions in Balance


Saturday 14 May 2022 - 21:00


Ballet Xtreme Company directed by Myrna Kamara



Choreography: Pedro Lozano Gomez

Music: Carl Philip Emanuel Bach

Dancers: Myrna Kamara, Marco Fagioli, Antonio Trerotola

Using the dancers as if they were musicians, as if the music springs from their bodies, this choreography is intended to be a homage to those composers who for centuries have been a source of inspiration.


Moon Duet

Choreography: Martha Graham

Original music: Cameron McCosh

New music arrangement by Pat Daugherty

Premiere: 1952

Dance Répétiteur: Blakeley White-McGuire

Dancers: Myrna Kamara, Filipe Portugal

The Moon Duet is a dance of joy, an ode to the turning world.


The Unknown Path

Choreography and performer: Filipe Portugal

Music: Frédéric Chopin

The Unknown Path is a portrait of the things that happen during this moment in time and how one reacts to them.


Pieces of Love and Suspicion

Choreography: Paolo Mohovich

Music: Philip Glass

Dancers: Myrna Kamara, Marco Fagioli, Antonio Trerotola, Isabelle Zabot, Marco Prete, Lele Mazzella

The choreography presents contrasting emotions and feelings, sometimes delicate and almost invisible, sometimes as violent as a stormy sea. The fine thread connecting passion and disappointment in love, camaraderie and betrayal, is always present and latent, permeating the various atmospheres of the ballet.


Light Designer: Antonio Salamaso

Photography: Giovanni Vecchi

Videomaker: Daniele Ovi


Length: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Ballet Xtreme is a Swiss company of neoclassical and contemporary ballet founded in 2016 by Myrna Kamara – a highly respected and acclaimed international Prima Ballerina – who, for this occasion, will be accompanied by six of the best dancers on the international scene who are known for their strong individuality, elegance, style, and technical expertise.

The company’s aim is to highlight the various facets of dance through the involvement of performers and choreographers with different sensitivities, to create a repertoire, always of the highest level, as diversified as possible.

The evening’s program, conceived and performed expressly for the Teatro Cucinelli di Solomeo, consists of four pieces all written by major choreographers: Spain’s Pedro Lozano Gomez, to music by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach; the "mother" of modern American dance Martha Graham, to Cameron McCosh’s original music, newly arranged by Pat Daugherty; Filipe Portugal, also the performer of his piece, to music by Frédéric Chopin; and Paolo Mohovich, whose choreography is set to the music of Philip Glass.