Theatrical Season

Viva il chiaro di luna!

viva il chiaro di luna

Sunday 11 December 2022 - 17:30

Teatro Cucinelli

Sunday, 11 December, 5:30 PM

at Teatro Cucinelli, Solomeo


digressions in music and poetry on our nighttime companion, the moon

by and with

Corrado Augias, with the participation of maestro Aurelio Canonici 


technical direction Angelo Generali

a production of Corvino Produzioni s.a.s.

The moon has always been a source of great wonder — a companion for the nighttime hours that is at once so close and yet so far. Poets, authors and musicians have turned to it for inspiration, describing it and singing to it in countless works. Corrado Augias, one of the best-known proponents of Italian culture, has brought together some of the most touching poems, by Italian poets from Leopardi to Calvino, and including works of literature from Japan and other cultures around the world. The spoken word is accompanied by some of the most famous works of Beethoven, Debussy and Bellini, performed by pianist and composer Aurelio Canonici.

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