Theatrical Season

Zorro, a Sidewalk Hermit


Sunday 3 April 2022 - 18:00

Cucinelli Theatre

Saturday, April 2nd - 9pm
Sunday, April 3rd 
- 6pm

by Margaret Mazzantini
directed by Sergio Castellitto
with Sergio Castellitto

assistant director: Francesca Primavera
general organization: Marco Micci
production manager: Rosa Burgio
producer: Angelo Tumminelli

administrative and labor consultancy: Marco Tomassetti – Rome
show distribution: Giovanni Vernassa and Laura Beni for ESSEVUTEATRO NEW srl, press office: Viola Sbriga

special and affectionate thanks to Stefano Lucchini
a 2022 Prima International Company production

Ashow starring Sergio Castellitto, who returns to the theatre after a 20-year absence to play a vagabond reminiscing on the story of his life and the choices that led him to live in the streets, while reflecting on the meaning of life.

A man on the outskirts of society, capable of seeing reality, observing the lives of “normal” people.

Capable of conveying, through a sort of cheerful and untiring “philosophizing”, the “spice of life”, the complexity and unpredictability of existence. A tragicomical and emotion-filled show.


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