Over time, the bond linking Solomeo with cashmere has become symbolic with excellent craftsmanship. Umbria is well-known for an ancient, intense manufacturing tradition for this premium natural fiber which represents an important part of the cultural and economic history of the region.

For over forty years, Solomeo has been the heart of the Brunello Cucinelli company, founded in 1978, the brainchild of the Umbrian entrepreneur who wanted to add color to women’s cashmere knitwear, becoming an expression of Italian quality, creativity and craftsmanship the world over.

The deep emotional bond that links the Cucinelli family to Solomeo translates into the intention to carry out extensive restoration and conservation work in the hamlet, including its Castle, which becomes home to the company’s creative, administrative and commercial offices.

The redevelopment of the hamlet, which has lasted for over thirty-five years, is accompanied by the creation of the Forum of the Arts, a “secular temple dedicated to culture”, which includes the Cucinelli Theatre, the Amphitheatre, the Neohumanistic Aurelian Academy and the Philosophers’ Garden.

In the early 2000s, work was completed on the new company headquarters, which stands at the edge of the hamlet in a complex of specially redeveloped former factories, harmoniously inserted into the landscape of the place, as part of a broader project for the preservation of natural attractions commissioned by the Cucinelli family and named “Project for Beauty” for this very reason.

Since 2018, the Brunello Cucinelli Industrial Park has been located in the valley of the hamlet, where the factories alternate with large green areas, along with the Laic Oratory Park dedicated to the beloved parish priest Don Alberto Seri, and, around it, the large Agrarian Park with its Wine Cellar, Oil Mill and the monumental work “Tribute to Human Dignity”.