Solomeo, Hamlet of Cashmere and Harmony

An enchanting place where you can feel you are custodians of beauty


The fascination of the arts becomes emotion

In Solomeo, art is a living presence, a constant source of discovery and wonder


The magic of somewhere that is both authentic and welcoming

Thanks to their unique nature, gestures, emotions and artists ensure the hamlet is the birthplace of dialogue between cultures


Art and Culture in the Hamlet

Musical events, artistic initiatives and historical reenactments bring the hamlet of Solomeo to life and invite spectators to gain an understanding of the culture of the local area and experience it to the full


Drama, dance and music performances

Villa Solomei Festival

Traditional and contemporary classical music festival

The Solomeo Renaissance Festival

The Festival of art and culture dedicated to the Renaissance


Solomeo's polyphonic choir since 1986

The Solomeo Philharmonic

Music, culture and community initiatives

'Settima Arte'

Art film festival held under the stars

School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts

A school to promote and pass on master craftsmanship and excellence

The Universal Library

The timeless life of written works for a culture that is opened and shared

Places and Landscapes

The spaces, architecture and places that make Solomeo the definition of a harmonious hamlet tell of an area based around spirituality and beauty, in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscapes.

Upcoming events


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