The ideas of Humanistic Capitalism and Human Sustainability have always been at the heart of Brunello Cucinelli’s life principles and, in turn, of the guiding values of the Umbrian company.

A philosophy encapsulating certain fundamental values, including the care of Creation, the protection of the moral and economic dignity of the human being, the balance between profit and giving back, the right relationship between time dedicated to work, private life and taking care of the spirit.

These inspiring principles have, on one hand, guided the history and life of Brunello Cucinelli and, on the other, been tangibly expressed in the restoration and development of the hamlet of Solomeo and its natural landscapes.

Natural attractions but also intangible expressions, including for example traditional craftsmanship or cultural history, represent the memory of a place and its people and, therefore, the basis for building its future.

According to Brunello Cucinelli, feeling like “temporary custodians” means protecting moral values and cultural testimonies to pass them on to future generations with a view to Human Sustainability that embraces every aspect of human life: personal, spiritual and work-related.