Genius loci: a 500-year-long dream

The way the vine grows, following the row, in some ways closely resembles the interweaving that has developed over the millennia between this fascinating plant and man, in turn creating a symbolic image of the indissoluble bond between the earth and humanity.

The soul of a place is said to reside in the union between the natural beauty of the land and the people who live there, to be passed on generation after generation along with traditions, knowledge and expertise. In Solomeo, the “genius loci” tells an ancient story, which finds its identity in the harmony of the hills that gently give way to the flat, lush lands, in the silent streets of the ancient village, in the welcoming souls of the people and in the cultivated fields surrounded by woods and olive trees. There is no place that the vineyard could have been situated but here, on the gentle hillside where the view on offer embraces Solomeo and the Agrarian Park.

Inspiring everything, a dream for the next 500 years: to take care of the plants today so that the vineyard remains intact for centuries to come. To cultivate the present as nature intended, with love and respect, to ensure the growth of strong, enduring roots.

Cultivation as nature intended

The vineyard rows move sinuously like wavy lines surrounding the two central fountains crowned by tall cypress trees. Seen from above, this design resembles concentric ripples expanding on the surface of water: an evocative image that reminds us of the beauty and harmony that Creation infuses into everything.

Planted in 2011, the vineyard covers an area of five hectares in which three different soil types alternate, each carefully matched to a specific grape variety being grown.

“Artisan” working techniques, carried out strictly by hand, follow rhythms and processes that respect the needs and distinctive features of the terroir, climate and plants. A philosophy as nature intended, which places technology at the service of achieving the highest quality through the constant harmonization of science, conscience and human experience.


Longevity and rarity: how Castello di Solomeo came about

Each phase of the process, from pruning to harvesting to winemaking, takes place between the rows of its “garden” vineyard and the winery. Integrated processing that aims to bring out the unique qualities of the grapes, an expression of that perfect balance between complexity, rarity and longevity that only nature can create.

The distinctive nature of the terroir enables the grapes to best express their characteristics, resulting in a full-bodied wine with a gentle soul. Castello di Solomeo therefore came about thanks to the union of sophisticated Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese grapes: a wine whose bouquet has great structure but is balanced and enduring at the same time, whose aromatic complexity is designed not to overpower its softness. The pervasiveness and fullness blend with the tannic part to express volume and roundness on the palate, denoting its extremely velvety and persistent taste-related aspects. The sight of the intense ruby red color anticipates the warm, spicy, balsamic olfactory notes, reminding us of the image of pulpy, elegant berries.