Theatrical Season

Stasera, punto e a capo!


Saturday 16 December 2023 - 21:00

at Teatro Cucinelli, Solomeo

by and with Massimiliano Gallo

also with Shalana Santana and Carmen Scognamiglio

ensemble conducted by maestros Mimmo Napolitano, Gianluca Mirra, Giuseppe di Colandrea, Davide Costagliola, and Fabiana Sirigu

production DIANA Or.I.S. and Città Mediterranee Nuovi Orizzonti

A full stop is placed to begin anew. To start from the top, to resume, but not necessarily moving the story forward.

One can also restart by retracing a few steps. Resetting, zeroing out, erasing, rectifying the good we failed to do — or that which was not good.

So, let’s do it! Let’s bring the generations together to discern if this life is the one we had chosen for ourselves. I envy my adolescence to a certain extent — envy who I was in the Eighties! The years of trust, of well-being, of positivity. The first music videos, Swatch watches, New Wave, the Commodore 64, the Berlin Wall, network television, the career woman, the payphone, Reagan and Gorbachev. I yearn for an extraordinary show, a celebration, a reason to reunite and laugh at what we once were, and at what we’ve become.

It will be a splendid journey, an intertwining of words, of images, and of music. I can’t wait to embrace you all, can't wait to throw my arms around your necks…. Dim the lights and let the celebration commence!

Massimiliano Gallo