Theatrical Season

La Gattomachia - A musical fable for violin, strings and narrator


Sunday 17 March 2024 - 17:30

at Teatro Cucinelli, Solomeo

I Solisti Aquilani

Piercarlo Sacco violino

Roberto Recchia attore

Orazio Sciortino direttore


O. Sciortino (1984) La Gattomachia favola musicale per violino, narratore e archi

P. Hindemith (1896-1963) Minimax Repertorium für Militärmusik

Linked by an ironic and parodic approach, the two pages in the program are fun musical "funs". Composed in 2017 for La Scala, Orazio Sciortino's Gattomachia rereads the original seventeenth-century poem by Lope de Vega, reinterpreting the story of a love triangle between cats, between quotes and passages "à la manière de". Paul Hindemith's Minimax, “Repertorium für Militärmusik”, was born for the Donaueschingen festival in 1923, as a parody of the military music that Hindemith himself had performed, as a drummer, during the Great War.