Theatrical Season

+Erba: Una foresta in città


Sunday 21 January 2024 - 11:00
Sunday 21 January 2024 - 17:30

at Teatro Cucinelli, Solomeo

by Compagnia TPO


art direction by Davide Venturini, Francesco Gandi

dance Běla Dobiášová, Valentina Consoli

interactive set Rossano Monti

visual design Elsa Mersi

original score Francesco Fanciullacci, Federica Camiciola

concept collaboration and pedagogical support by Sandra Goos

costume design Annamaria Clemente

set design Livia Cortesi

production Compagnia TPO

co-production Teatro Metastasio, Prato

with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands

Erba unfolds as an interactive spectacle in which two dancers beckon the children among the audience to partake in the crafting of an imaginary city.

The dancer-architect surveys the landscape and sketches the city, while the dancer-gardener examines the earth and the insects and draws the grass and the trees. The two characters move through an empty scene in which two large screens conjure a chamber of wonders. Here their fantasies take on color and spring to life. The nascent city is a living milieu, as children arrive to populate the space and add color to the scene. Along come the insects as the seasons transition.

The dream of a green city materializes, yet within it lurks a threat, a factory that, as it burgeons, drives away the insects and the birds and withers the trees. Together, dancers and children will redesign the space so that nature may flourish anew. It is here that the concert of the trees will transpire.