Villa Solomei Festival

American Pie


Saturday 29 June 2024 - 19:30

Giardino degli Ulivi

The all-American dream wins the world over: from the immediate aftermath of the war to present day, between black music and pop


Cherries on a swing set

Sara Paragiani

Veronica Troscia

Chiara Dragoni

Davide Simoncini

Daniele Batella

Stefano Benini


B. RAM (1907-1991) Only you

B. MERRILL (1921-1998) Mambo italiano

H. STOTHART (1885-1949), H. RUBY (1895-1974) I wanna be loved by you

M. CICCONE (1958), P. LEONARD (1955) La isla bonita

TOTO (1976) Africa

IMAGINE DRAGONS (2008), A. DA KID (1982) Demons

LADY GAGA (1986), B. RICE (1972) Shallow

Cherries on a swing set

Cherries on a swing set are an acappella vocal group that formed in Orvieto in May 2009. On 15 May 2010 they made their début at the Santa Cristina di Porano Theatre (TR) with the show Cherry Pie, which soon after was performed up and down the country. Their performances of Controtempo and Phoenix, A Cappella Visual Show captured the attention of a broader public. They have performed at numerous shows and festivals, including: Venti Ascensionali (Orvieto 2010), Incontri Musicali (Tivoli 2011), European Music Festival (Rome, Palazzo Antici Mattei 2011), Vocal Night (Colleferro 2011, 2012), Vokalfest (Rome, Stazione Birra 2012, 2013), Music... Antium (Anzio, 2012, 2015), Umbria Folk Festival (Orvieto 2013 - 2014, 2015), San Valentino Jazz (Terni 2014), Musica Riva festival (Riva del Garda 2015, 2022), Disanima Piano (Mantua, 2015, 2016, 2018), Sole Voci (Varese 2015), Vocalmente (Fossano 2016), Winter Vocal Festival (Pinerolo 2017), Italian Festival Thailand (Bangkok 2017), Moskow acappella festival (Moscow 2018), Villa Solomei Festival (Perugia 2018, 2020). In 2022 they participated in Opera 40, a composition by important contemporary composers, which they performed together with the Città di Ferentino Wind Orchestra, before taking it on tour to Innsbruck (Austria) and Kerkrade (Netherlands). They have been the artistic directors and creators of the Tuscia Vocal Fest since 2023, which aims to promote and develop the culture of vocal music, in all its forms. In 2011 they participated in a workshop held by the Swingle Singers in Florence, and in Fossano in 2016. In 2011 they won the national music competition “Saremo al Centro”, in Perugia, in the live cover category, and in 2012 they participated in the international competition Solevoci, in Varese, where they won the special prize for scenic effects. In 2014 they were among the winners of the “Voceania, the continent of vocality” prize (Rome) and in December the same year they received second place at the Winter Vocal Festival Contest - International Competition, in Pinerolo (TO). Cherries on a swing set have produced a CD album: Across the sky, November 2017, available on all major online platforms.